The Wall of Games

The Gamers Grind is currently closed & seeking avenues to reboot to the full board game café as it was intended but we are actively having events with our collection of games until that happens.

Monday Night Powerhouse Board Gaming

Every Monday is boardgame night at the Powerhouse! This is a free event and The Gamer's Grind will be bringing at least 100 games each time!
Mondays at 6pm to close!
Powerhouse has hotlines direct to Chicago Fire pizza so some pretty awesome food is very much available.
This is a full bar atmosphere and it will be ages 21 and up.

International Table Top Day @ The Fat Rabbit in Old Folsom!

Iron Board Game Tournament Survey

I created a poll for future Iron Board Game Tournaments. This is a board game tournament I will be running where you play several different games once and the over all winner is the tournament champion. They are set by game themes so rank them in order of preference.

Gamer's Grind Board Game Day Gaming Schedule

Below is The Gamer's Grind Board Game Day Schedule: Feel free to play anything you like but here are some specific games starting up through out the day. The Event is on Febuary 8th from 11am to 11pm. If you would like to host and teach a game open to anyone to play contact us on Facebook at

Start Time---------Game--------------------------Host -------------------- Estimate Run Time ---- Players

The Gamer's Grind Board Game Day Feb 8th 2014

What: The Gamer's Grind though currently closed down is having a board game day at Round Table Pizza. We will be bringing a couple hundred games for people to play for FREE from our wall of games. Players will be able to check out games for free by leaving a drivers license (to ensure the game's return) and of course people are free to bring their own games.

Where: Round Table Pizza at 9500 Greenback Lane in Folsom California

When: February 8th, from 11am to 11pm

Board Game Tournaments.

Tournaments at The Gamer's Grind: I am working on setting up board game Tournaments at the Grind including popular games like Dominion, Settlers of Catan etc. I wanted do what I call Iron Man Tournaments. Basically players will play a series of different but somehow related games and points would be awarded to the winnners. One for example I am considering is a Iron Man Race game which would include a series of games such as Formula D, Hot Rod Racers, Robo Rally, Galaxy Trucker and a couple others.

INTERnational Table Top Day!


After Play

Comments, thoughts, and reviews on games from players fresh from playing the game.

Episode 1: Spin Monkeys

Episode 2: Doge Ship

Episode 3: A Fools Fortune

Gamer's Grind News 12-14-12

Its Friday and that of course means were open tonight and tomorrow until 1am (sometimes later if there is a decent crowd). If anyone was coming down this weekend what were you considering playing and ment
ion if you were open to other gamers joining. Also I have a couple games I might be persuaded to add to the wall if someone was coming down to play them including Rune Age, Zombie Munchkin or Cthulhu Munckin.


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